Join us on a beautiful jeep tour in to the highlands of Iceland. This trip is perfect for people that want to take a jeep ride and hike in a small groups with local guide.
Landmannalaugar are known for beautiful landscape, geothermal activity and great hiking trails. Big rhyolite mountains and some of the most colorful peaks in Iceland put there mark on this place.
We start the day from Reykjavík and drive east to Landmannalaugar, the drive takes about 3hours but we take few stops on the way like Valagjá volcanic crater located near the mountain road Landmannaleið and Ljótipollur ( Ugly Puddle ) is an old explosive caldera field with bright blue water.
When we get to Landmannalaugar is nice to have something to eat before we do some hiking. several of options are for the hiking but our most common one is Mt. Bláhnjúkur (Blue Peak) and Brennisteinsalda (Sulfur Wave). This is an easy hike with a amazing view over the lava fields and surrounding mountains, this hike takes around 4,5 hours. After we are done hiking is perfect to relax in the geothermal pool and have one beer before we drive back to Reykjavík.

Duration / Walking: 3-4 hours
Total trip length: 11-12 hours
Level of difficulty: 1/5
Age Min: 9 years
Pax: min 2pax – max 4pax
Time of year: spring , summer ,fall

We provide:

Coffee, drink, local guide,

You bring:

Warm clothes
Rain gear pants and jacket,
Hiking boots
Hat and gloves
Small backpack
Food and water for the day.
Hiking poles