Eyjafjallajökull Hike

The Great Volcano

Eyjafjallajökull is a great opportunity to explore the high volcano and the beauty of Icelandic nature.


The great white

Hvannadalshnj√ļkur is a magnificent place, this expedition takes you to the highest peak in Iceland and on the biggest glacier in Europe. Hiking up to the peak is not a technical climb but it requires good stamina, hiking time is from 10-14 hours.

Ice climbing & Glacier hike


This is amazing opportunity to explore the glacier and try out some ice climbing. This is a introduction tour so you don’t need to be a professional ice climber.
We start at Sólheimajökull parking lot. by give you some glacier gear and start the 15min hike to the glacier.

Rock climbing

Iceland is beautiful place to try out rock climbing, put on your climbing shoes chalk up and try it out for yourself.
Rock climbing is really good why of enjoy nature and to try something new. We offer rock climbing for beginners to mid-level all from top rope, single pitch to multi pitch climbing.


Skessuhorn is one of the most fun mountains to climb close to Reykjavík. The north west ridge is a beautiful climb with an alpine feeling.

We start with one hour drive from Reykjavík heading north-west to the valley Skorradalur. When we get to our destination we will go over the task for the day. After the chat we begin the approach to the base of Skessuhorn.

Approach takes from 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hour over swamps, rocks and beautiful landscape.


Try out glacier hiking / mountaineering on one of the most famous glaciers in Iceland. Snæfellsjökull is perfect place to hike, if you want few people around you.

Tindfjallajökull Hike

√Ěmir & √Ěma

Tindfjallajökull is a perfect hike for people that want a nice day of hiking on the high glacier.


√ěumall is 1279m above sea level. Back in the old days this mountain was said to be unclimbable and if you see the north wall of the column you get why. It was first climb in 1974 and did not get many visitors over the next years. This rock is a basalt column based on south edge of Vatnaj√∂kull and rise 120m over the ice cap.

Heli- climbing

North Ice is the only company in Iceland that offers heli-climbing tours. This is a unique opportunity to climb some of the most remote peaks in Iceland.