heli-climbing tour þumall

North Ice in the only company in Iceland that offers heli-climbing tour. This is an unique opportunity to climb some of the most remote peak in Iceland.
The day starts early or around 9:00 at Atlantsflug hangar. We begin by going over the task of the day and some protocols.
After loading all the climbing gear is in the helicopter we start the 7-15 minutes flight to Þumall. This is a great opportunity to see Skaftafell and the south edge of Vatnajökull from the eyes of a bird.
The copter will drop us below Þumall wear the climbing will begin. Under the mountain our guide are going to show you how to use the climbing gear. This is also magnificent place to take some photos over the valley Morsárdalur and the big basalt column Þumall.
Next part is the climbing itself. The climbing itself is not the hardest climb in Iceland but is on the most beautiful ones.
It will take us about 4-5 hours to climb Þumall and around 1-1,5 hours to abseil back down. After we are done climbing and have had some snacks the helicopter will pick us up and fly us back to Skaftafell.
All of our Heli-climbing tours are limited to good weather.

About Þumall
Þumall is 1279m above see level. Back in the old days was this mountain sed to be unclimbeble and if you see the north wall of the colum you get why. It was first climb in 1974 and did not get meany visitors over the next years. This rock is a basalt column based on south edge of Vatnajökull and rise 120m over the ice cap.

Price: contact us for info
Duration: 8-10 hours                                                                                                               Age Min: 16 years.
Pax: min 1 – max 3

Time of year: Summer

We provide:

Climbing gear
glacier gear
local guide

You Bring:

Warm clothes
rain gear pants and jacket,
Down or primaloft jacket (can be nice on brakes)
Good hiking boots
Hat and gloves
10-20L backpack
food and water for the day.

you can rent. Some of this gear from us if you don’t have it.